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In my wanderings, looking for information to help me with my mother, I stumble across valuable sites that are off the beaten path, sometimes books or ideas or recipes that might help those of you in similar circumstances. As I continue with my caretaking journal I'll include such sites and resources, with an explanation of what they are, below:

Medical Links:


I found this site when I needed, for a short period of time, to monitor and restrict my mother's potassium intake. The 12 pages of foods rated according to potassium content was exactly what I was looking for. The site is self-explanatory.

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Medical Information:

Medscape logo
I've been using this site since before WebMD bought it at the end of last year. I registered as a physician, although, now, I'm not sure that it makes a difference. I've gotten some critical medication information from this site not available elsewhere, and was able to access some valuable information about anemia in the elderly after a hunch informed me to spell it "anaemia". Since merging with WebMD it has become much easier to navigate. I'm not sure if it has also begun to drop some of its more obscure collectings, which is also what has made it so valuable to me.

I don't know why it's taken me so long to list this site. I use it a lot, especially when I'm doing my regular reviews of my mother's conditions to see if there's any new information of which I should be aware, or to reevaluate whether I should change my posture toward any of her treatments. Considering that this is a government site, it's, simultaneously, surprisingly thorough and unsurprisingly conservative. It's easy to search, easy to negotiate and it's often a good place to start when you're looking for obscure information. Sometimes it actually has obscure information on it. When you're searching out medical information, this is a good place to start.

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The only site I've visited, as of 7/5/03, about NPH. Elegantly commercial presentation but it sticks to the basics and is informative, entertaining (not sure whether this is a plus or a minus) and efficient because it is only about NPH. The site includes an NPH "library" which I haven't browsed, yet.

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Physical Therapy:

Feldenkrais Movement Studies Institute
This is the address for the official site for the Feldenkrais Institute. It's a pretty basic site. If I can relocate the book I read at the acupuncturist's clinic, I'll add book information to this blurb.

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Other Resources:


Globe of Blogs
Yes, this journal is registered with Globe of Blogs. I haven't done much browsing there, yet, and I'm in an obscure category, although all their catgories are obscure, but I am there and I'm happy to publicize them (she says optimistically).

Other People's Journals:

This is a curious, somewhat mysterious, very easy to understand, very thorough blog about diabetes, primarily Type 2 Diabetes. It is produced by a Dr.'s office, although information on either the doctor or the office is not easy to find, even though it looks like it would be easy. I quoted one of their article posts about glipizide in a recent post. Anyway, although the design, particularly the colors used, makes it a little difficult to read at times, it's valuable, searchable (although I can't vouch for the search engine, I didn't use it) and I found it so valuable that I kept thinking back on it until recalling it spurred me into updating my Information page!

This is the journal about a journey started after a daughter's father died of Alzheimer's. This journal is to the subject, with hard information and resources extended with anecdotal information, if the data came to have an effect on her father's life. The first time I came across it (and bookmarked it, and forgot about it) was in late March of 2006 when I was researching in order to understand the possibility of iron overload in my iron rich mother. This journal set me off on the right foot, informed me of what tests to request (whether you're successful in your firs request) and oversights to take into consideration. Then, it came to my attention as a link from another loquacious caregiver's site. It's an excellent, well considered, low key personal information source. Chock full of provocative leads.

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I visit this site fairly frequently and have never been disappointed. It is a unique spirituality resource on the net; if you're wondering about some aspect of spirituality (even obscure aspects) there's probably something about it here. If it's not, you can add it through a variety of ways. On August 11, 2003, I reacted to an article about caregiving published here by Debbie E. Mandel entitled Caretaker! Take Care of Yourself!.

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Playing With Food
Yup, this is my own website, which I trashed about 6 months ago and have resurrected to this purpose...linking some of the stories I wrote for that site up to this site as more mother history. I was going to attempt to target certain parts of stories, but I don't quite understand the use of targets in framed sites, so, the links to full stories follow, with a bit of an explanation, below:

Eating Alone
My mother's feelings about food; Anecdote about our yardman.

Not Vegetables Again!
Discusses my mother's infamous avoidance of vegetables.

Berry Inspirational
Mentions my mother's interest in unusual dishes and her indirect influence on what I cook.

Sweet Satisfaction
Much of this essay is devoted to my mother's sweet-sweet tooth.

No Joke Fruitcake

A celebration of my mother's reknowned fruitcake, no kidding.

Perfectly Disgusting Salad
My maternal family's Jello history.

Being [Stuck] There
Mention of my mother in discussion of food ruts.

Fuel to Fire
Immediate family food history, including, directly and indirectly, my mother's influence.

In the Spirit of the Holiday
Contains a sweet anecdote about my mother's eccentrically sterling character.

What Do You Really Want?
Begins and ends with an anecdote about my mother feeding her grandson.

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Caregiving Links:


Caregiver Dot Com
This is a surprisingly valuable and helpful site, despite also being commercial, slick and slim. The information provided is no-nonsense. The Discussion area is filled with serious posts from people who have serious, informative answers to questions posted. The Care Links section, while not overwhelming, is also not littered with links that aren't helpful. Most important, this site contains a Fearless Caregiver Manifesto that is succinct, direct and an inspiration to read if you are a caregiver. The newsletter is short and to-the-point (always a boon to a caregiver, whose time is usually stretched to the limit) with articles that contain an absolute minimum of fluff. The companion magazine to this site sponsors caregiver forums nationwide.

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